VoIP Business Solution – Saving Your Company Money

For a business VoIP plan, the cost currently is somewhere less than $50. Businesses are allowed to make calls to anyone in the USA and Canada at anytime on their home, business and cell phone free of charge. While this probably won’t be of much concern when you’re calling a friend, but remains a huge […]

The Advantages of Outsourcing Business Solutions

Outsourcing business solutions allows businesses to maintain a competitive edge while saving on costs. There are certain functions, like IT and web design, that are necessary but may not fall under a business’s core competencies. Maintaining in-house teams can be costly in terms of office space, equipment and training. Some businesses may not have the […]

What is a Microsoft Business Solutions Certification & Its Benefits?

Microsoft MBS certification has set a milestone in the IT industry in regard to business solutions. The term “business solutions” is the link between the corporate world and the world of technology. IT support is required for any kind of business to run and prosper with time. And hence, to deliver the best services and […]

VoIP Business Solution – Today’s Modern Office

With today’s current communication technology many businesses are seeking out a Business VoIP solution to connect their office VoIP PBX with a VoIP provider service to decrease cost of company calls dramatically. This is obvious from the fact that a traveling sales representative once had to report to the corporate office about the sales figures […]